Two For Cum Play Latinas


Two For Cum Play Latinas – We’re in heaven right now. Two sexy, flirty Latinas in the comfort of our own home… We’ve got it good! The ladies can’t keep their hands off each other when this scene opens. Mary Jean is giggling, smacking and squeezing Carmen’s plump trunk. “What a nice booty,” she says, tapping Carmen’s ass. “Shake your booty, shake your booty.”

Carmen’s feeling playful, too, and begins smacking Mary Jean’s ass in return. Like they say, girls just want to have fun. And when the girls have plump buns like this, there’s a lot for them to play with. There’s a lot for our friend Tony DeSergio to have fun with. He’s one lucky dude. Most guys pray they can get their hands on one thick Latina. This dude is about to smash two Cum Play Latinas.

Can We Both Have Him?

“Oh, look at him,” Mary Jean says when she spots Tony sitting in the corner. “He’s a cutie. I want him! Can we both have him?” We know Tony doesn’t have a problem with them sharing his schlong. Mary Jean and Carmen pull Tony’s cock out and get to work on it. “Taste it,” Mary Jean says as she pulls Tony’s cock out of her mouth and stuffs it into Carmen’s.

This is a great warm up, but the moment Tony’s been waiting for is getting in these chicks’ pussies. Tony smashes Mary Jean doggy style first. Carmen is smacking Mary Jean’s ass while Tony is beating her pussy up. When it’s Carmen’s turn to get some dick, Mary Jean lays down so Carmen can eat her pussy while Tony fucks her. “Oh, yeah, eat her pussy,” Tony says.

Mary Jean then slides underneath Carmen while Tony is inside of her so they can 69 while he smashes Carmen doggystyle. “Don’t stop,” Mary Jean moans as Carmen devours her cunt. “I’m going to cum!” Tony switches back and forth between the two chicks, and we’re not sure how he holds off dropping his jizz for so long. When he finally does bust his nut, he shoots it all over Mary Jean’s caramel ass and Carmen’s pretty face.


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