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WTF People Blog Review – When scrolling through wtf people, their homepage has a list of different sites hosting different videos. No video’s actually shown on this website. They have a list of relevant sites, which have been sectioned down the middle of the page line by line. This Gives the viewers a title of the page, along with the date it was published and the website which is hosting it. All pages have been listed the same way, row by row. When you check out the last page of their site, it confirms that they have about 1,400 pages of just different but relevant links, with a whole bunch of porn videos.

Honestly I think you could just stay on this site and find a whole bunch of videos that you would like. They have it all from fisting, and hardcore fetishes to gangbangs and big tits.


wtf people

Their website is a little different, because they have two sidebars. One on the left and one on the right, but both sidebars contain more links with MORE PORN!!

On the left hand side, they list all their special friends; as in other pornsites. Top refers, popular tags and RSS feeds. All of this is great!! Because it lets you know which site is referring the most content in which site has the best videos.

On the right hand side of their page, it seems to be specifically for paid sponsors. Which gives you a full paragraph of how to subscribe and get a discount to these sites. Under that, you also have the latest blogs which seem to be updated frequently.

Check them out..

All links will redirect you to the website where you can watch the actual video. Obviously, being redirected to a different site’s a major annoyance, but seems to work for them. I can only imagine how much people have said this site would be much better, if videos were easily accessible on….

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Nevertheless, it isn’t that big of a deal, since the sites are free and all. WTFpeople is a site that you can easily use if you’re a big fan of extreme porn. Then check this place out and watch free porn videos.

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